Applicable references within Passenger traffic

Support for air traffic in Denmark | 2018 | WSP for Trafikanalys, Sweden

Survey of financial support for airports and airlines in Denmark for a Nordic compilation carried out by WSP. Extending and updating previous reports in 2012 and 2015.

Support for international tenders| 2017 | SJ AB, Sweden

Support regarding tenders on the rail passenger market outside of Sweden. The support included participation in different internal workshops.

Detailed corridor analysis of bus traffic in Skåne | 2017 | Region Skåne, Sweden

As part of the basis for the Region Skåne’s work on the Traffic Supply Program 2019 for Skåne, MOE | Tetraplan provided a detailed corridor analysis for 21 bus corridors in the main route in Skåne and for the large and medium-sized urban bus systems. The work includes mapping, objectives 2030/2050 and potentials, needs and measures for the different corridors.

Safe school routes and bicycle promotion | 2016 | Egedal Kommune, Denmark

For Egedal Municipality, a road safety study on school roads is carried out with a focus on promoting the bicycle as a means of transport, cf. The pupils’ means of transport to the school are determined, compared with routes to school, traffic accidents and inquiries from citizens for the assessment of sites that are to be roadworthy.

Analysis of tourist coaches | 2015-2016 | Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority

The project seeks to rectify the lack of statistical basis in terms of traffic with coaches and their driving duties. Data is collected via interviews, on-line questionnaires and driving books issued to tourist coaches. Data is analyzed for an overview of the traffic with Danish coaches, including driving share abroad.

Accessibility Atlas for Region Skåne | 2014 | Region of Skåne, Sweden

Tetraplan prepared an accessibility atlas for Region Skåne. As part of this work, a calculation model was built that can calculate and present accessibility by public and car traffic to selected destinations in Skåne and neighboring counties as well as in Eastern Denmark.

COINCO II Prestudy for intermodal and interregional corridor Oslo-Öresund | Region Hovedstaden

Development of a detailed study of infrastructure, bottlenecks now and towards 2030 between Oslo, the Öresund region and towards Hamburg. Detailstudies of infrastructure and bottlenecks now and in the future in the corridor. Furthermore transport volumes now and elaborated for the future, incl. what this would mean for the infrastructure. Lead partner: Tetraplan, with support from Ramböll, Sweden and Analyse & Strategi, Norway.

Climate strategy Region Hovedstaden | 2010 | Region Hovedstaden, Denmark

Tetraplan and COWI are supporting Region Hovedstaden with possible measures for passenger and freight transports that could be included in its upcoming Climate Strategy. The market is screened for measures that have been tried, and possibly implemented in other parts of the world, in order to determine the potential for each of the measures in the Region Hovedstaden.  Tetraplan is responsible for measures regarding freight transports.